Best Text Message Marketing Companies of 2022

Text Message Marketing Companies

This post presents our top picks of 2022 text message marketing companies for small businesses through which you can connect with your customers and thus grow your business.

Best Text Message Marketing Agency

  • Textedly

  • SimpleTexting
  • TextMarks
  • Podium
  • SlickText
  • EZ Texting
  • Twilio
  • Tatango
  • Zingle
  • Thryv
  • TextMagic
  • Salesmsg

With only a few clicks, text message marketing allows you to engage directly with customers and send them newsletters, coupons, special deals, and announcements.

Look for a service that provides a fair (for your company) number of monthly or annual SMS messages as well as free keywords.

Textedly is a featured sponsor, and SimpleTexting is the best overall text message marketing service. SimpleTexting has the greatest pricing options, SlickText is the easiest to use, and SimpleTexting is the best overall text message marketing service.

This post is for small businesses searching for a simple way to communicate with their customers directly.

According to the Pew Research Center, 92 percent of adults in the United States own a cell phone that can receive text messages. It's no wonder that firms are looking to employ text message marketing strategies as the amount of time spent on phones continues to rise. There are many good services available, but a handful stands out, particularly for small businesses trying to impress their customers. Based on the features they offered, pricing, the convenience of use, and customer service, we chose the four best options from 12 various text message marketing services.

Textedly: Best Text Message Marketing Service for Growing Businesses

  • CTA and mobile carrier compliance are built-in to Textedly
  • Custom keywords and free incoming messages are included in each subscription.
  • Some crucial features, such as segmentation and surveys, are missing.

For businesses of all sizes, Textedly provides a number of useful text message marketing solutions.

It offers a simple interface and a number of useful features, such as custom keywords, free incoming text messages, contact management tools, and a comprehensive reporting suite.

Textedly has autoresponders, which means it can send automated responses to your contacts after they sign up, as well as multimedia messaging for photographs and videos.

With Textedly's smart calendar function, you can schedule campaigns in advance, the calendar may schedule a single text message or a collection of texts to go out at whatever time you need.

For businesses of varied sizes and service requirements, Textedly provides 12 pricing categories.

It has a month-to-month membership option or an annual subscription option that gives you 20% extra text messages per month.

During your 14-day free trial, you can create one custom keyword. Paid options begin at $24 per month for 1,200 texts and one unique keyword. The most expensive plan, which costs $2,800 a month, includes 240,000 SMS messages.

Textedly is a versatile SMS marketing solution that can be used by any type or size of the company.

EZ Text Messages: Best SMS Marketing Service for Small Business

  • EZ Texting offers a variety of price options.
  • It has a large number of customizing options.
  • If you don't use your credits within 18 months, they will expire.

The best text message marketing solution for small businesses is EZ Texting, which has a user-friendly design and a variety of functions. EZ Texting distinguishes out among its competitors for a variety of reasons, including competitive prices and a diverse tool set. The organization has four pricing levels to ensure that services are affordable for businesses of various sizes. One of the best features of EZ Texting is its pricing flexibility and diversity.

The most basic package is $24 per month, which provides 200 credits (4 cents for every additional credit) and $24 per keyword. The most expensive plan is $374 per month and includes limitless keywords (1 cent each additional credit). Its user interface is simple and easy to learn, which is a crucial factor to consider when using a text message marketing service.

The customization features are also a plus, as sending customized greetings to your receivers is a simple way to make them feel special. In comparison to other SMS services, EZ Texting makes text message marketing feel more like a genuine relationship.

New iOS software from EZ Texting allows you to chat with customers in real-time. It also provides two-way direct business text texting. Existing landline phone numbers can send and receive text messages with this feature.

EZ Texting has teamed up with Shutterstock to provide businesses a simple method to send image messages. Customers of EZ Texting now have access to more than 20 million high-resolution, royalty-free Shutterstock photos thanks to this new agreement. To engage your text message recipients with more eye-catching marketing materials, you can add these totally editable graphics to a predesigned MMS marketing campaign template. Businesses may also upload photographs and use the image editor to create personalized campaigns using EZ Texting's new connection.

SimpleTexting: The Best Scalable Text Messaging Software

  • SimpleTexting has seven different pricing plans to choose from, as well as custom options.
  • The user interface is simple to use.
  • Each SMS credit has a 160-character limit (1,600 characters for MMS).

SimpleTexting has a lot of good features, but it's the company's flexible pricing that makes it a particularly appealing alternative for small businesses. In essence, you buy a bundle of credits that you may use to send prepaid text messages.

A conventional SMS text message will set you back one credit, while an MMS message will set you back three credits. The cheapest package, which includes 500 credits, costs $25 each month. The most expensive package is $625 each month and includes 50,000 credits.

Additional fees for exceeding your monthly credit limit vary by plan, however, they tend to decrease as the plan price rises. You can save 25% on the original plan price if you pay for it annually.

The segmentation and automation options in SimpleTexting make it simple to tailor marketing campaigns to reach the appropriate audiences at the right time. Its Mailchimp interface allows you to easily transfer contacts between your email marketing lists and text message marketing campaigns.

Direct messaging to individual customers and prospects is also available, making communication with them quick and easy.

SimpleTexting is a good choice for businesses of all sizes because of its flexible price options and user-friendly interface.

Podium: Best Text Message Marketing Company for Ease of Use

  • Podium's single inbox makes responding to all communications a breeze.
  • Within Podium, you may have direct dialogues with customers.
  • Podium necessitates a one-year commitment.

Podium is a tool for staying in touch with customers, increasing engagement, and increasing conversions. It can also be used as a text message marketing program to stay in touch with customers via text message. Podium is extremely simple to use and learn, so your team will be up and running in no time. It's ideal for small businesses looking for simple ways to maintain good customer connections.

The essence of Podium is its centralized dashboard, which serves as a hub for all communications, including SMS. An emerging feature of Podium is its ability to hearten your customers to leave reviews, as well as allowing you to reply to those reviews in real-time.

Podium can also support your sales pipeline, allowing you to shop and manage contact information for leads and customers that whom you can communicate by text message.

Podium recently released an update that includes new features that help users better understand their clients. Contact profiles now keep track of each client's interaction history by storing customer comments, discussion notes, and other information.

In addition, users can incorporate unique variables in their communications that relate to important events, previous purchases, engagement history, and more. This new tool attracts leads by sending them relevant and personalized messages that are tailored to their specific needs.

Customers can now subscribe to text message marketing campaigns utilizing keyword text messages, thanks to a new text keyword opt-in service. Podium also improved inbox speeds, allowing users to search for a specific contact by name.

The Contacts page, which is easily accessible from the navigation bar, was just launched by Podium. This Contacts page serves as a consolidated location for finding leads, managing messages and interacting with customers. In addition, the contact's profile contains information about previous encounters.

Because Podium needs clients to sign an annual contract, you should thoroughly research if it is the correct solution for you. Podium is a wonderful choice for corporations looking for a straightforward, centralized solution that isn't difficult to understand.

TextMarks: Best SMS Marketing for Customer Service

  • TextMarks is an excellent choice for small and medium organizations in need of additional help because of their outstanding customer service.
  • TextMarks is a one-stop shop for all things digital marketing.
  • Setup fees may discourage start-ups and new companies with a budget.

TextMarks is a full-service SMS marketing firm that provides mass texts, two-way messaging, specialized short codes, an open API, and other services.

The cloud-based platform is simple to use and allows you to interact with your full audience or segmented lists in a seamless manner. With automated campaigns, you can reach out to specific subscribers or at different points in the client journey.

TextMarks' tools can also be white-labeled, allowing you to create custom-branded portals for resale.

TextMarks' main feature is its excellent customer service. Clients laud the provider's friendly and attentive support service, reporting prompt and thorough assistance with a wide range of concerns and issues. Even the least tech-savvy companies may get started quickly thanks to a vast library of materials.

TextMarks offers three month-to-month plans as well as custom package choices, with pricing based on the number of messages and keywords you'll send. The Gold subscription, which includes 10,000 messages and 15 unique keywords, costs $199 each month. The Platinum subscription, which includes 35,000 messages and 20 keywords, costs $499 each month. The Enterprise package costs $999 per month and includes 100,000 messages and 30 keywords. TextMarks charges a $199 setup fee, which is sometimes waived upon request.

SlickText: Most Cost-Effective Text Message Marketing Service

  • SlickText provides a free mobile app as well as a variety of SMS automation possibilities.
  • You will receive one-on-one assistance in setting up your account.
  • If you don't utilize your text credits within a specified amount of time, they will expire.

Small businesses don't have time to learn how to use their text message marketing solution for weeks. You can go from having little and no experience with text message marketing to being fairly skilled with SlickText in no time. The user interface is simple, But the detailed clarifications on the platform impressed us even more.

Videos on the company's website demonstrate how to create an account, reserve a keyword, and set up an autoresponder. These explanations are simple and informative enough for even the most inexperienced text messaging users to understand. They're also easily available if you forget how a function works.

Of course, the SlickText support team is accessible to answer your questions. A company representative can be reached via toll-free phone, email, or live chat.

SlickText recently announced Workflows, a text message automation solution that cultivates a more personalized texting message marketing approach, in an effort to help its users enhance communication with their audience.

Users can design more effective chat sequences to better target consumers by utilizing a simple interface.

Because text message marketing is a more intrusive method of communicating with customers, firms that use Workflows can ensure that the proper material is being sent to the right people, resulting in more authentic business-customer interactions.

Workflows help firms construct more successful and lengthier text marketing journeys rather than single messages by segmenting audiences based on consumer behavior and other data-driven capabilities.

SlickText is regarded as one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly SMS marketing systems on our list. There are eight different pricing options available, as well as a custom option.

The most affordable plan costs $29 per month for 500 texts, while the most expensive plan costs $1,250 per month for 50,000 texts. There is also a free 14-day trial with 50 SMS available.

SlickText's entire spectrum of choices may benefit businesses of all sizes and budgets.

Twilio: Best Text Message Marketing Service for Marketing Analytics

  • Twilio is ideal for companies that have customers in multiple countries.
  • Twilio's price is variable, and there's no need to sign a contract.
  • The majority of online reviews about their customer service are unfavorable.

Twilio is a well-known software company that provides a variety of business solutions, including SMS marketing capabilities that are available in over 180 countries. From two-way texting to targeted ads, its comprehensive platform can handle any type of client engagement.

With over 900 million daily data points on its network, it boasts one of the highest deliverability rates in the industry. Twilio is appealing to businesses looking for cross-channel capabilities because of its ability to interface with third-party apps like WhatsApp.

Because of Twilio's cutting-edge technology, its marketing analytics tools are among the best of the SMS marketing companies we looked at.

The Messaging Insights interface lets you go further into your marketing tactics, looking at key KPIs that will help you define your future efforts. Advanced message delivery reports provide you with a deeper look at your engagement successes and areas where you may improve.

Twilio's text message marketing is based on a pay-as-you-go approach, with outgoing and inbound texts starting at less than a cent each in the United States (0.75 cents, to be exact). Twilio offers savings for long-term customers and enterprises that send a lot of texts.

Twilio is a full-featured SMS marketing platform with a worldwide reach and sophisticated marketing analytics.

Twilio, which is best known for its text message marketing services, has launched a new effort called Twilio Live. The company is now expanding into live streaming by offering a platform that allows developers to add live videos and audio to their apps.

Currently, the new application is only available to those who have been invited. Text chat, audience polling, screen sharing, and other ideas are all being tested by the company.

It can be tough to find the resources for top-notch marketing communications platforms for tiny nonprofit organizations that rely on grants and donations. That's why Twilio built, a set of communications services designed exclusively for nonprofits and offered at a discount or for free to those that qualify.

Twilio unveiled CodeExchange for Good, a curated open-source library of social impact applications to help companies get to production faster.

Tatango: Best Text Message Marketing Service for Nonprofit

  • Tatango is ideal for providing high-volume notifications, with the ability to send 6 million messages every hour.
  • It works with a variety of CRM and email marketing tools.
  • Businesses will require a special package to sign up, which will almost certainly include a contract.

Tatango can enable efficient bulk texting at rapid speeds, making it ideal for political campaigns, fundraisers, and businesses with large contact lists.

Its simple and easy-to-use interface includes two-way messaging, complex workflows, message analytics, segmentation, and other engagement capabilities.

Over 20 prominent email marketing services and CRM providers are integrated into the platform, making it simple to share contacts and connect across platforms.

You may communicate with your audience on your own terms, increasing the number of people who hear your message.

Because of its remarkable effectiveness with mass messages, Tatango is the finest SMS marketing service for charities and large businesses.

It can transmit up to 6 million SMS every hour, which is a stunning feat for even the most powerful messaging apps.

The organization takes pride in being the first choice for voter drives, providing customized solutions to assist campaigns to reach their goals.

Tatango does not offer pre-packaged packages; you must contact the sales department directly for price information. Contact the company near the end of the month or quarter to negotiate the best deal.

Tatango offers real-time SMS marketing that is ideal for organizations, political campaigns, and companies with huge contact lists.

Zingle: Best Text Marketing Service for Hospitality Companies

  • Zingle is a popular choice among hotels and resorts that require real-time communication with their visitors.
  • You can communicate with customers from all around the world thanks to Zingle's support for over 90 languages.
  • Zingle's focus on hospitality makes it less effective in other industries.

Zingle, an SMS marketing platform from Medallia, is ideal for consumer-facing industries. It provides a brand-specific message platform designed to improve a company's customer happiness and online reputation.

Zingle's all-in-one service automates campaign workflows, message analytics, and segmentation to streamline the complete customer journey.

Importing contacts is straightforward thanks to the possibility to connect it to your CRM.

In one simple interface, you can try to retain current clients while also reaching out to new audiences.

Zingle has one of the best two-way messaging features among the SMS marketing companies on this list.

Resorts can keep visitors up to date or check if they have any special requests, all while answering requests in real-time with no lag.

Hospitals can communicate with patients via their cell phones. Zingle uses cutting-edge AI to decipher message meaning, allowing you to provide appropriate responses and give clients what they want when they want it.

Zingle can be integrated with popular third-party apps like WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp to help you better engage with your hospitality company's consumers.

Zingle doesn't provide month-to-month plans, so you'll have to contact a sales representative for a quote on a unique plan.

There are no contracts required for free three-day trials with up to 1,000 messages.

Call near the end of the month or quarter to get the best deal.

Zingle's powerful two-way messaging and comprehensive array of customer experience and marketing features make it an excellent choice for client-facing businesses and hospitality operators looking for a quick and simple solution.

Thryv: Best SMS Marketing for Service Providers

  • This SMS marketing tool is ideal for customer-facing businesses because of its simple appointment scheduling and calendar management.
  • Your messages are collected in a single inbox, thanks to the simple UI.
  • Thryv's price is opaque, and its plans aren't well-defined.

Thryv is an SMS marketing company that also offers a variety of business management services.

Its simple yet dynamic platform is capable of automating procedures while also propelling corporate growth.

All of your inbound and outbound messages are in one place thanks to an easy-to-use interface that integrates services like Instagram direct messages, text, Facebook, and email.

Through Thryv's bill pay interface, you may request payments and lower overdue balances, as well as keep track of your online reputation with automatic review requests and new comment notifications.

Thryv's easy-to-use calendar management and appointment scheduling features offer a compelling reason for customer-facing businesses to become involved.

To ensure that activities operate smoothly, entire teams can sync their agendas. You may easily schedule visits using the dynamic booking feature.

Simultaneously, automatic reminders and follow-up appointment requests reduce no-shows and improve customer retention.

There are no set pricing plans at Thryv, therefore prices are determined on a case-by-case basis.

For an estimate on a custom plan tailored to your company's needs and messaging volume, you'll need to contact a sales representative.

As a general rule, contacting a company near the end of a sales quarter may result in a lower rate.

Thryv is an excellent alternative for service providers looking for a comprehensive set of SMS marketing and company management solutions packaged in an easy-to-use interface.

TextMagic: Best Pay-as-You-Go Text Message Marketing Service

  • TextMagic is a low-cost business that offers uncomplicated SMS services.
  • It provides no-strings-attached pricing and additional features that allow enterprises to create their own solution bundle.
  • Some of its add-ons are included as part of other suppliers' standard plans at no extra charge.

TextMagic, which was founded in 2001, is one of the most reputable SMS marketing companies on our list.

This service is ideal for organizations of all sizes looking for a simple yet efficient communication tool because it includes mass messaging, two-way texting, segmentation, and automation.

The TextMagic dashboard is simple to use, allowing anyone to utilize the service efficiently without much training.

Entire teams can access and manage messaging thanks to multiple subaccount features.

This service is ideal for global corporations because it allows them to reach over 200 nations.

TextMagic uses a pay-as-you-go strategy rather than monthly plans or special packages.

This methodology ensures that you maintain financial control while also acquiring the resources you require to succeed.

Signing up for the service is completely free, and you can cancel at any moment.

TextMagic makes it simple for businesses of all kinds to communicate with their customers as often as they want in a straightforward manner.

TextMagic's pricing starts at 4 cents per outbound message for texting within the United States.

Registration is free, and there are savings available for high-volume messaging.

An SMS gateway API and campaign analytics are among the premium add-ons, which are available for a price.

TextMagic is a terrific pay-as-you-go SMS marketing service that's ideal for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Salesmsg: The Best SMS Marketing Service for High Volume Communications

  • For smooth communication, Salesmsg can integrate with email marketing clients and CRM suppliers.
  • Monthly plans and custom packages provide businesses of all sizes and types with a variety of possibilities.
  • Salesmsg has minimal possibilities and customization for businesses, with only two pricing plans.

Salesmsg focuses on helping you put your customers first by providing simple and scalable two-way messaging and text marketing for businesses of all sizes.

The cloud-based technology lets you handle communications via a web interface as well as a mobile app, making it ideal for mobile teams.

Multiple users may access the straightforward dashboard, which serves as a one-stop-shop for communications and campaign management.

The Zapier automation platform allows you to tailor your suite of services by integrating third-party apps.

Salesmsg is a fantastic solution for larger enterprises sending high volumes of messages to large contact lists because of its high deliverability rates and lack of latency or network issues.

Mass notifications and targeted marketing can help you expand your reach and generate income.

The powerful network capabilities of Salesmsg ensure that your company's communications reach their intended audience fast and precisely, allowing for real-time interaction.

Through Salesmsg's dynamic interface, you can easily connect with prospects or reengage old clients.

Salesmsg offers two monthly options as well as customized packages. The Pro plan for beginners is $35 per month and allows for up to 750 messages, the Premium plan costs $300 per month and allows for 7,500 messages as well as additional capabilities.

Salesmsg is an excellent choice for organizations delivering large volumes of text messages to a large contact list, as it provides accurate results in real-time.

Text Message Marketing Service

What is text message marketing?

Text message marketing sends promotional messages to customers and subscribers using SMS (Short Message Service) or text messaging.

Text message marketing is used by businesses to raise brand awareness, create sales, deliver news to subscribers, enhance online traffic, and run promotions. "text message marketing" and "SMS marketing"   are synonymous phrases.

Allowing customers or subscribers to opt in to receive SMS from your business, then using the service to create and send messages to those subscribers, is how to text message marketing works.

key tip: Text message marketing sends promotional messages directly to your consumers and subscribers, granting you a one-to-one line of communication with them.

text message marketing services pricing

The cost of text message marketing services is determined by a number of criteria, including the vendor, the number of messages you need to send per month, the number of bespoke keywords you require, and whether you intend to go over your monthly limitations at all.

Most texting plans include a per-text fee as well as the cost of renting marketing keywords.

They usually allow you to pay for both the texts and the keywords at the same time.

Plans range in price from zero to $4,000 per month, with higher pricing points delivering more features and keywords.

Most free or low-tier subscriptions, for example, include roughly 250 SMS messages and one custom keyword.

A $4,000-per-month subscription, on the other hand, might include up to 250,000 SMS messages and unlimited keywords.

Pay-as-you-go options are also available from some providers, allowing you to pay just for what you use.

Text message Marketing Services Features

Text message marketing services are more than just a means of sending texts. They are comprehensive marketing tools that enable you to communicate with your target audience, track outcomes, and improve customer service.

It's difficult to determine which of the many things you require while shopping for a text message marketing supplier. The elements we believe are the most important for businesses to look for in service are listed below:

Analytics and reports: Text message marketing relies heavily on analytics. These figures show which campaigns were effective and which were not. Analytics can also reveal why they performed in the way they did.

Automation: Using automation technologies, you can schedule messages to be sent at the same time every day, week, or month.

Contact management: You can't run a text message marketing campaign unless you have a large number of subscribers to send the messages to. The contact management function helps you keep your contacts organized, current, and accessible.

Personalization: When it comes to customer engagement with your messages, personalization goes a long way. Customer data such as full name, birthday, and ZIP code is captured by some texting solutions, which opens up new opportunities for your company's marketing initiatives. To demonstrate appreciation for them as unique clients, you could give them deals on their birthday or notify them of sales in their region.

Drip campaigns: Using if-then commands, you can send out automatic messages based on the conditions you select. Each phase of the customer journey can send its own messages, such as a welcome message at sign-up, a purchase confirmation, or a request for feedback following a customer service interaction.

free Incoming text messages: The best text message marketing firms provide free incoming text messages. This means you may let your clients respond to you without increasing your expenditures, you only pay for the communications you put out.

Integrations: Some text messaging services work with other platforms, such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact, which are email marketing systems. Because you can seamlessly import and sync data across all of your company applications with these connectors, you can dramatically boost your productivity and capabilities.

Message templates: If you routinely send the same text message, seek for a service that allows you to build and save templates in order to send messages more quickly.

MMS (multimedia messaging service): To make your messages stand out, several platforms allow you to transmit photographs, videos, and audio snippets.

Mobile keywords: You may use mobile keywords to grow your contact list by allowing clients to opt into your message by simply texting you a single word. The finest solutions enable you to create custom keywords and track their usage. However, many plans demand you to pay more for additional keywords.

Scheduling: Planning ahead of time for text messages will help you be more productive because you won't have to remember to send them out at specific times. Text message timing is crucial, especially if you have consumers in different time zones, thus automating this operation is advantageous.

Polls and surveys can be used to collect customer feedback. With these tools, the top solutions make it simple to collect replies and tweak your campaigns or statistics.

Text-to-landline: A text-to-landline function allows you to send and receive text messages using your business landline phone number while keeping your voice service intact.

Best Uses for Text Message Marketing Campaigns

You may utilize text message marketing to assist your business in a variety of ways. It's a simple method to communicate with your customers directly, and you'll discover more about what they want from you. Here are some things you can do with text message marketing for your business:

  • Send exclusive deals and discounts: The promise of special deals and discounts is the reason many customers choose to receive text messages from businesses. This makes it easy for your customers to redeem coupon codes and stay updated with your company's news and gives you an easy way to attract new customers.
  • Offer a sneak peek at new products or services: To create a stir for a new service or product, you can send subscribers quick text messages or free experiences to keep your business fresh in their minds.
  • Target past customers with news updates: If you have clients who haven't done business with you in a while, texting can be a great way to draw them back in. You can send news about activity within your company or updates on your services and products.
  • Send appointment or reservation confirmations: This is a no-brainer if your firm requires appointments. It's a better option than calling or emailing customers to confirm appointments. It's also a convenient way for customers to recall appointment details, making them less likely to forget or arrive at the incorrect time.
  • Provide updates on your orders: If a customer places an order with you, you can send order alerts or updates to them by SMS rather than email to keep them informed. These notifications also give clients a direct line of communication with your company in the event that something goes wrong with their order.

Frequently Asked Questions About SMS Marketing

Why should businesses use text message marketing?

Text message marketing is an excellent approach to interacting with your customers on a personal level and sending them personalized messages. Texting is also speedier than other forms of communication, helping you to quickly address issues and interact with customers.

When should businesses use text message marketing?

Standard business communications etiquette should be followed by both business owners and text message marketers. Limit your messaging to business hours (i.e., Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.), keeping in mind the various time zones in which your subscribers live, and avoid sending too many messages at once.

What industries benefit the most from text message marketing?

Text message marketing can benefit any company that needs or wants to engage directly with customers. It's a terrific approach to engage with your customers and give your business communications and customer service a more personal touch.

Organizations in the hospitality and service industries, appointment-based enterprises, and merchants that run frequent specials and special discounts are all examples of companies that frequently need to text customers.

Is text message marketing effective?

Yes, SMS message marketing can be a very effective way to reach your clients and connect with them on a personal level, because most people check their text messages far more often than their email. It is also cost-effective, allowing you to reach a big number of customers for a mostly low monthly or annual fee.

How can you send bulk text messages?

While the exact manner for sending bulk text messages varies by provider, you must generally import the roll of contacts you want to message. Then, you would draft a bulk text message to be sent to this contact list and schedule it for the proper time.

Is it legal to send marketing messages via text?

Businesses can legally send marketing SMS messages to clients if they follow practices outlined in the Telephone Consumer guard Act (TCPA) and the CAN-SPAM Act. Enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), these laws include that businesses cannot send marketing messages to any consumers who do not wish to receive them. Businesses can be fined up to $1,500 per purposed violation if they don't adhere to laws like TCPA.

How do you get consent to send text messages to your customers?

The TCPA requires companies to get clear written consent to send SMS marketing messages to any client.

The best way to take consent is by spelling out your communication terms in a clear and prominent manner on a form or advertisement. With this type of language, the client can then supply their phone number (directly on the form or by texting a number listed on your ad) with the intention of giving permission to be contacted by your firm.

How many people open text messages?

Overall, 98 percent of text messages are opened. This is fantastic news for text messaging strategies, as this data prophesy a high success rate. Even better, most consumers prefer SMS marketing offers rather than view ads on websites.

What is the best way to track the results of SMS marketing campaigns?

Tracking your text message marketing campaigns is an important step in the operation. It’s important to know whether your potential clients are attracted to the content you’re sending.

to track your campaign and determine its success rate, start by confirming that the text messages you’re sending are delivered. There are digital tools to assist with this. Then examine how many individuals interacted with the content you supplied, ultimately directing them to your website. These two stages are quick and easy ways to see how well your campaign success.

What to expect for future Text Message Marketing?

We expect text message marketing to continue to develop as an industry and practice, but before you get on board, make sure you understand how it fits in with your other marketing channels.

Some customers prefer email or social media marketing since it demands the potential client to go someplace - either to their inbox or to a social media platform.

Customers receive text messages without having to navigate somewhere, which can be advantageous or damaging to business, It is better to create explicit agreements with customers and stick to them.

As companies continue to advance their services, they can use these advancements to understand more about their clients and better understand how they want to be marketed.

Improving a customer’s experience with SMS message marketing can assist a company stands out from its competitors.

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