The 6 most important advantages of Shopify make it superior to other sites

 Shopify is one of the most prominent platforms on which you can create your online store with ease, especially if you are a beginner in this field by following its instructions only without the need for the help of anyone to teach you how to use Shopify

Shopify website

In addition to the ease of using it without facing any difficulties, as in some other platforms that suffer from slow work because it is based on WordPress templates.


What are the advantages of Shopify:

1 Ease of use:

If you are a beginner in e-commerce, and your products have strong competition and you want to entrust the task of managing your site to someone, you will resort to Shopify, which will provide you with options to manage your store based on algorithms to archive and classify your goods.

And he will promote your products so that you do not lose the opportunity to buy for a certain fee.

But what are those fees?

Shopify works on the package system, where each package offers specific services for a certain amount, and the package that has the largest services is the most expensive. The site offers discounts through these packages so that you can take advantage of these discounts.

2. Diversity in applications

  Shopify is characterized by the ability to provide many applications that provide the services you need, including coordination, arrangement, marketing, promotion, as well as pricing and shipping of goods.

Among these applications:

  Apps to market your products

  Customer service applications

Sales applications

Applications to manage your online store

Search engine optimization applications

      Continuous support and diversity in teams

The multiplicity of applications may indicate that there is a strong marketing and programming team, but there is another team to answer any technical or marketing advice that you want to inquire about, as this team is specialized to answer any question or inquiry you have.

This feature is a shift that distinguishes Shopify from other e-commerce sites, as there are many sites that do not have teams dedicated to responding to customers.

4. Diversity in templates

Shopify has thousands of templates, some of which are free and others are paid, so Shopify offers an important option here, which is to modify the template. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing the template, as the customer or the store’s browser may be alienated by just the color of the click. Also, your template must be compatible with the mobile, meaning that if it is The customer is browsing your store from his mobile phone, and the template that you are using does not fit with him. He will not buy from you, even if he needs that thing.

5. Variety of payment methods

To buy a product online, you must have an account on Paypal in order to pay through it, but if you do not have an account, the buyer will leave without completing the purchase.

But Shopify solved this problem by offering many payment options that you can use one of them if you do not have another way.

6. Marketing in different ways

The Shopify platform has many ways of digital marketing, not starting with social media marketing and not ending with paid ads.

Also, Shopify has an important advantage, which is the ability to network with other giant e-commerce sites, and your products are displayed through them, so instead of creating more than one online store on different sites, here you will create one store that will be displayed on more than one site.

If the problem of customers rebounding from the purchase process occurred due to its non-completion, Shopify will solve this problem for you by e-mail marketing and reminding them to complete the purchase process.


In the end, the world before Shopify is one thing and after it is something else entirely. By using the Shopify website, you can reach the world, especially if your products are in great demand, and you can also dispense with marketers.

You can now ship your products to any place and reach any audience you want, but marketing profits may be delayed for about 6 months, so you must be patient and continue to analyze your site using the Google Analytics tool to see how popular your store is.

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