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The whole world is available at the push of a button and opens the global market in a new way. With companies hiring employees across international borders, new challenges must be faced in each country.

A registered business owner, charged with carrying out legal and regulatory work, can be a key component of allowing smaller businesses to work with foreign employees. We know it can be hard to trust outside companies, so we put together the list.

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Innovative Employee Solutions

IES provides employer registration services to thousands of businesses and workers across North America. By joining some of the best professionals in the field, IES saves its clients time and resources, while increasing efficiency and revenue. With the help of IES, companies are able to hire employees not on the basis of location, but rather on the basis of talent. With payroll services and emergency workforce solutions, IES works with thousands of employees working in many different industries, making this a great option for employer of record (EOR) services.


TriNet aims to help small and medium-sized businesses, and TriNet takes over all of the responsibilities of the Human Resources department, allowing employees to focus on their company's success. A global business registration service provider offers many different HR services in tailored packages, and each company may determine what is best suited to their needs.


As the workforce grows globally, ZeroChaos offers a variety of emergency workforce management services as an international employer of registration services.

ZeroChaos can act as the companies' registered business owner, drastically reducing time spent, resources used, and costs. ZeroChaos has addressed emergency workforce challenges and provided solutions to create a more successful business.

Velocity Global

What is the difference in Velocity Global? They start by giving companies advice, not just solutions. Velocity Global uses its global infrastructure in more than 185 countries to help companies expand globally. Working with international staff can be challenging, from managing language differences to navigating each country's legal system, Velocity Global steps in and manages the entire process.


Everyone enjoys a good movie, but very few people think about the behind-the-scenes details. Working in the entertainment industry, NPI provides record service owners, handling small details from payroll taxes to pension reports. Working with production companies from the start, NPI delivers seamless solutions, allowing production managers to focus on their projects, and allowing NPI to handle the payroll process.

International Staffing Consultants

Looking to hire international staff? Look no further. With years of experience and covering a wide range of job types, the ISC will help any business with global recruitment. Once the employee is hired, ISC continues to provide support to an international employer for registration services. ISC has an extensive network that stretches across the world and is highly qualified to help companies find and manage their international staff.


The ShieldGeo slogan says it all: "International Recruitment Made Simple". As a registered business owner, ShieldGeo helps companies without the infrastructure in international countries deal with legal rules and regulations. In addition, ShieldGeo provides administrative services needed to manage employees around the world.

Globalization Partners

Each state has its own laws when it comes to taxation and employee management. Globalization Partners handles the details to ensure companies are able to recruit and retain world-class employees. The Globalization Partners program not only provides an employer with registration services but will help businesses expand globally through webinars, articles and videos created by experts in the field.


What makes iWorkGlobal stand out? Innovative solutions tailored to each individual company. While retaining international employees, iWorkGlobal stays in line with the laws and regulations of each region and country for existing employees and strategizes for further global expansion.

Nexus CW

By offering a complete package of HR services, Nexus CW saves companies time, money, and stress. With a team of experts, Nexus CW can manage recruitment, payroll, employee benefits, and essential HR services for any company. These services can be especially useful when managing a temporary workforce, as each location has different rules and regulations.

Frequently asked questions about the employer of record services

how to become an employer of record

The registered employer you choose to work with must have experience dealing with companies similar to yours. Sometimes the thought of how to become a registered business owner can seem like a meaningless little detail, but it can actually make a big difference.

If EOR works with other companies in your field, it may have a streamlined process. This ensures that you get outstanding service.

employer of record vs staffing agency

Whatis an Employer of Record?

When dealing with international recruitment practices, one of the first tools you will often encounter is a registered employer. employer of record (EOR) is a legally responsible solution for paying international staff salaries, as well as handling employee taxes, insurance, and benefits.

For employees who move between countries, employer of record (EOR) is also responsible for managing visa and sponsorship applications.

What is a staffing agency?

The other most common tool of globalization and recruitment practices is the use of a recruitment agency. These agencies work by proper employees with employers registered with the agency.

These pairs can be for temporary or long-term contractors. Recruitment agencies will manage things like resumes and application documents as well as contact between employer and employee. They will also collect feedback on job status to improve their services.

what is a record company employer?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is an organization that acts as an employer for tax purposes while the employee performs work for a different company. employer of record (EOR) takes over traditional staffing duties and obligations.

should I use an employer of record companies?

You need the service of your registered employer if:

  • You want to hire an employee in a country where you do not have a legal entity.
  • You want to expand into new countries quickly and do not have time to establish your own entity.
  • You do not have internal experience with local labor law to ensure compliance.

Abstract in the employer of record companies

It is critical for any company that hires an offshore company that the business owner performs registration services and other HR responsibilities to find the right match. Each EOR service listed has a unique skill set and can be used to increase success and efficiency.