Reasons why many graphic designers fail

 The world of graphic design is not like other fields, and success in it requires a lot of skills and work smartly. There are many designers who were pushed by frustration and despair to retire from design early, not because it is a frustrating field, but they were unable to be creative and made many mistakes that prompted them to leave this field before they started. their journey there. Therefore, in this article, we will present reasons for the failure of many graphic designers that other designers should avoid until they become more knowledgeable and experienced in their field.

why many graphic designers fail

Reasons why graphic designers fail

The rush to learn

  One of the mistakes that many beginners make is not to wait to learn the basics of graphic design, as a result of the person in the learning stage seeing the results of professional designers, so you find him wanting to imitate those large designs without having knowledge of the basics, so if you want to become a successful graphic designer you must take Enough time to have the design skill from the ground up.

  He does not have a private fingerprint

One of the most important reasons for the success of graphic designers is having your own creative style and touches, that is, your follower, when he sees any design of yours, knows that it was designed by you for its beauty and distinctive style, and in order to have your own imprint in the designs, you must work a lot until you gain experience in design and do not forget to imitate you For others, it will kill your creativity and identity. You must be creative so as not to become like many who have failed in this field.

Not keeping up with what's new in the world of graphic design

Design is one of the advanced fields that are topped every period by many developments that you, as a graphic designer, must look at in order to be able to present new designs that differ from the traditional designs that have expired. And you can get these updates through Facebook, as it is full of designer groups that you can feed your ideas by observing the designs of other designers, so you get to know the tastes of customers, as well as the YouTube channels that designers display their work on, so you have experience and diversity in tastes that help you when you want to design for a customer.

  Not marketing his designs

Marketing is important for all designers. Some may believe that after they become designers, requests and business will flood them, but no, no one will know you and your designs without marketing to yourself. You can create a Facebook page for your designs only and post a picture or a cover for the YouTube channel on it that you have designed. Do not forget to put the links of the pages in your account. On freelancer sites, most of the designers who failed in graphic design did not market themselves, so benefit from their experiences and avoid being like them by learning marketing strategies.

  Focusing on making money without thinking about acquiring skill

Many people are ignorant of the ultimate meaning of design, so you find the designer at the beginning of his work looking for the last step, which is to get money in exchange for his creative skills, but design is a great creative art, so the designer must think about presenting a distinguished artwork through analyzing designs and using methods that make the design exceptional and choosing colors and fonts suitable for the type of design . Thus, you avoid being among those who failed in the design because they put the financial return from the design on the top of their priorities.

Not creative with designs

Creativity is the basis on which the design is based. If you use the same colors, fonts, and icons every time, it is boring, so where is the creativity in that? As a designer, you should not make the customer see the same style directed to all customers. Unleash your creativity and use colors and lines in consistency. One of the principles of design is not to exaggerate the use of lines and colors because that makes the design bad. Rely on art and creativity in your designs until you succeed in continuing in this field.


In the end, we conclude that working in graphic design requires you to have experience in order to be distinguished in it and to be able to create and continue working in this field and to avoid making mistakes that designers before you made and that led them to retire from this field.