9 steps, if you master them, you will become a professional programmer

 With the technological development, we live in a digital world that needs programs to complete its work, and thus the demand for programmers increases with the passage of time, and therefore the programmer must develop himself to keep pace with the continuous development of programming languages and become at the forefront of professionalism, in this article we will present steps that take your hand To professionalism in programming

professional programmer

How to become a professional programmer?

Just knowing programming and how to write programs is not enough alone to become a professional in programming because that requires you a lot of time and effort to constantly develop your skills and talents, here are some tips that will make it easier for you.

1- Determine the reason that drives you to become a programmer

Before you start, you must ask yourself? Do you have the passion that will lead you to start and continue in the world of programming? Or is your goal profit? Can you write programs and creativity in them, even if it is free? You must be honest with yourself in the answers, so that you do not suffer from regret and fatigue later because the world of programming requires long work and continuous training.

2. Understand the key skills

A programmer who wants to become a professional must master the basic concepts of computer science in addition to the basic concepts of programming languages, as this will make it easier for him to learn programming and its different languages.

3- Choose the right field for you

After you choose to become a programmer, it is your turn to develop a plan to choose the field in which you want to continue working as a programmer so that you can select the correct programming languages ​​that suit your field. For example, the languages that database programming needs are different from the languages that website developers use.

4- Do not compare yourself with other programmers

Each person is distinguished from others by having strengths and weaknesses that enable him to do so, so you must stay away from competition in the world of programming so as not to get frustrated and focus on developing your skills until you become a professional programmer and complete your career in the world of programming.

5-Continue learning until you improve your programming skills

You must strive to achieve your ambition in professional programming, by learning and searching for everything new in the world of programming and keeping abreast of developments that occur in programming languages and not stopping at a certain level of knowledge in order to improve your skills and abilities and be able to compete with other aspirants in the same field.

6- Find the best way to write your programs

It is enough for the ordinary programmer to write a program within the required specifications, but the professional programmer wants to write in the best way that enables him to produce a program that is characterized by efficiency and speed in work to comply with what is required by specifications and standards.

7- Mastering the skill of communicating with those around him

  Working in programming does not require isolation, but requires communication and dealing with others, including managers, clients, and co-workers. Therefore, if you want to become a professional programmer, you must master communication with others first by developing your skills in effective communication with people.

8- Develop your problem-solving skills

It is inevitable that you will encounter some problems while working in programming, so you must understand how the computer works and hone your skills by implementing small projects until you are trained in that because mastering programming and writing programs is not enough to become a professional programmer.

9-Working with professional programmers

Working with professionals enables you to learn new concepts and information, as well as the criticisms they provide that inform you of the most important points that must be focused on in order to become more distinguished and professional.


From the above, we conclude that professionalism in programming requires a lot of time and effort from you, taking into account the previous tips, so that it becomes easy for you to become a professional programmer.

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