How to choose the best company to design your company's brand identity

 Brand identity is the face of your brand, for that you must think carefully before creating it. Therefore, we will provide you with steps to choose a professional company to help you create an identity for your brand.

Brand identity is the face of the brand and it is what makes your product unique. It is the visible part that your customers recognize through the company name, logo and printing, and this is what attracts new customers while making existing customers have loyalty to your brand.

The process of choosing the right branding company is not an easy task, because you will need a web designer, graphics and identity agencies for reputable brands, there are a lot of options that you can consider.

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Prepare well before choosing

You must know what your company needs in order to determine what is important to your company before you start searching for the perfect branding companies.

There is no branding company with the same skills, there are companies that focus on research and strategy, while there are those who care about advertising and creative implementation, and there are companies that specialize in creating brands for startups, while others focus on renaming existing companies.

Select a list of your options

After you have identified the branding challenges that you want a professional branding company to help you with, the next step is to create a list of potential branding companies. You can add five to ten companies and conduct an in-depth research on each of them.

You can search magazines and TV ads for the best visual identity design companies by knowing the name of the company that designed the trademarks and making a list of their names.

And there is the option of word of mouth communication with friends or co-workers who used a trademark agency not so long ago.

selection criteria

In addition to the above, these are some additional criteria to help you narrow down your list of potential companies.

1- Size

Choose the branding company that best fits your brand size.

Big multinational brand companies focus on global brands, and if you are not a global brand, you will most likely end up with the junior team or the C team, despite the fact that you will be paying a lot.

In fact, if you are a small or medium-sized business, your brand will get more attention from the right people at a lower cost by hiring a smaller branding company.

If you're wondering where to look for company size information, LinkedIn can help you with that, and of course, the "about us" section on the company website should give you insight as well.

2- Experience

When it comes to choosing a branding company, experience is a critical factor to consider. It is defined as the ability to solve your company's unique challenges through a variety of customized solutions that work together to create a unified and compelling brand story.

In addition to ensuring that the branding companies you are considering are experienced in the type of branding challenge you are facing, you must also ensure that the companies have dealt with brands of your size, complexity and importance.

3- Reputation

Nowadays, every company has an industry reputation - good or bad. Quality agencies leave a quality digital footprint, and the trick is to look for those traces.

Customer testimonials are one of the most visible indicators of industry reputation, and a company's website, for example, is a great place to look for such information.

In the end, feedback from previous clients, whether publicly displayed on their website, posted on a referral site, or made available upon request, is direct social evidence of an agency's expertise.

4- A well-defined strategy

Is the company's thinking and approach strategic and tactical? For example, does the company offer a well-established process that ensures a successful, friction-free collaboration completed on schedule and within budget.

For example, we will launch expert companies by getting to know your brand by asking in-depth questions that will help them discover the unique value of your company.

With a detailed analysis of your brand, they will understand your target audience before moving on to the next step.

The next stages of strategy and creative execution are based on objective evidence due to a data-driven and research-driven approach.

The guide removes the element of serendipity from the branding process, resulting in authentic brands with powerful messages.

Besides focusing on research, a sign of a serious company is also making sure that your evolving brand is supported every step of the way. The company's expert team will monitor the growth of your brand and help it stay current.

5- Budget

While setting a reasonable budget is essential, it is never ideal to allow limitations to determine which company is right for you.

Like any other business, you get what you pay for when it comes to branding, and although it may seem expensive, imagine doing it twice because you chose the wrong company the first time.

After all, your brand is your main asset which, if properly maintained, will only grow in value.

6- Passion and chemistry

The adage about first impressions is true. The way a company engages you in the early stages of your partnership can reveal a lot about its passion for service and dedication to excellence.

It is best to insist on meeting the team members who will work on and be responsible for your brand, as well as with the executives or owners of the company.

Check if there is genuine passion for your brand and its challenges, not just excitement for a new project. You want to ensure that the branding company treats your brand as if it were their own.

7- Values and appropriateness

Strong partnerships start with a combined set of L.O.L

Shared values and culture. Consider whether you understand and agree with a branding company's distinctive philosophical or methodical approach to branding because it will be part of that company's work for you.

You want a partner who is creative, collaborative, and passionate. You want someone who isn't shy about telling you the truth and is genuinely eager to work with you.

8-the choice

Choosing the right branding company should be a rigorous procedure, just like any other effective selection process.

You must narrow down the list from three to five pre-selected candidate companies, who will then be invited to respond in writing to a written request for information (RFI). Before submitting an RFI, you must speak with all of these companies in person or on a video/audio call.

After you've made your base selection, work out timing and pricing details with them, then get started on your branding project.


A brand is the concept of perceptions, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes about a particular product, organization, service, or person. It is what sets your company apart from the vast sea of competitors and shows your clients who you are and what they can expect from working with you.

Therefore, choose the right company with a harmonious, creative team and professional experience, in order to be the right partner for the unique challenges of your brand, a partner with whom you will be able to easily chart the course of your brand's future.

After listing these important points, we hope that this information will help you find the branding company that will help you and your company reach new, sparkling heights by designing a brand identity that matches your vision.

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