Why does your startup need a visual identity design?

 The design of the visual identity is the most important part of corporate branding, as it highlights the intrinsic value of the brand; There are many commercial activities that started their work without focusing on the visual identity, but on the other hand, the companies that focused on designing the visual identity established their image in the mind of the user over the years

visual identity

The meaning of visual identity

It is the visual aspect of the brand that companies show, such as images and designs that clarify the brand identity and distinguish it from others

Many people confuse the brand with the visual identity, and despite the interdependence between them, they are two different concepts

A visual identity is anything visual for a brand, such as a logo, color, and shape, and it expresses symbolic meanings that cannot be communicated with words only

As for the brand, it is what relates to customer experiences through dealing with your products, services, and even your team members

؟What is the importance of visual identity

International companies spend millions of dollars annually to develop and update their visual identity  their audience, but the question that comes to our mind is why is the visual identity so important

 Defend your difference and distinction: The visual identity guarantees you proof of your distinction    from everyone in light of the crowding of the global market with companies and competitors who are racing to achieve customer satisfaction

 Awareness: The ease of recognizing your visual identity increases awareness of the nature of your services and products that you provide

 Trust: One of the most important things that enhance trust between the target audience and the services you provide is designing a unique and distinctive visual identity

 Expansion: Designing a distinctive visual identity that helps you spread and expand outside your geographical scope, target potential customers, and shift from local to global

 Clarification: You can explain your business in a simplified way by designing a unique visual identity, thus saving time and effort in explaining your business and goals

?How do you build a visual identity

Designing a professional visual identity requires conducting studies and research on some important aspects as follows

 Knowing the target audience

You must be well aware of everything related to your audience before you start designing a visual identity for your company, such as knowing their gender, age, educational level, lifestyle, and most importantly what problems they are looking for solutions to

Knowing this will make it easier for you to design a visual identity that suits their tastes, and also helps in determining the elements of the visual identity, language, terminology, and tone that you will use

For example, when your audience is women, the language and visuals you use will be different when your audience is gamers

Full knowledge of the product

You must correctly understand the product that you will present in order to be able to design your visual identity successfully

  Ask yourself: What will you sell? How will you save and promote it? What will change to your customers after you introduce the product to them? What value will you provide to your audience ??  through your product

For example, if your audience is women, the characteristics of the visual identity if you offer cleaning products will differ from the visual identity of a company that provides cosmetics to the same audience

Create visual elements: By knowing your audience and evaluating your product, you will design visual elements, and these elements represent the brand, the most important of which are

Logo: It is the essence of the brand of any company and it is a symbol, design or image that expresses your perception of your brand

Color palette: Companies use one or two colors, and the choice of colors is one of the distinguishing features of the brand, and each color has its own significance

Black: denotes strength, luxury, and elegance

Red: denotes suspense and daring

White: symbolizes freedom and simplicity

Blue: Banks use it in their visual identity because it symbolizes friendship and trust

  Green: denotes the environment, growth and stability

Orange: symbolizes vitality and renewal

Purple: luxury and creativity

  Yellow: joy, optimism and pleasure

  Pink: symbolizes kindness, passion

  Brown: warmth and merit

Fonts: Make sure to choose a few fonts to use in typography, as they will tell the audience a lot about your brand

Pictures, symbols and graphics: The human mind receives and stores images more than written phrases. Therefore, your use of these elements establishes your visual identity in the mind of the consumer more and faster

After completing the design of the visual identity, you must make sure that it is characterized by the following

 Clarity and simplicity, which makes it easy to know

Add personality to your brand

distinguish you from competitors

In line with the company's future goals (you don't have to change them every time)

:Questions you should ask yourself before launching your visual identity

?Are you conveying the brand's messages correctly

?Do you accept development, adaptation and application

? Is it rare and can not be forgotten

?Does it indicate professionalism and confidence

 ?Is it consistent and consistent with your message

?Can it be misinterpreted

?Can it be permanent 

And it does not end with designing a dynamic and attractive visual identity, but rather your goal should be to reach the audience and promote your visual identity through modern or old marketing methods to enhance your brand in the market, and your visual identity must be consistent with the general identity of your brand

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