Easy step to create your own website

 At the present time, marketing for business via the Internet is considered one of the most important things that contribute to the success of the work of companies and individuals, and the formation of trust and credibility with customers


Therefore, it is necessary to establish an online presence for any business owner, even if it seems difficult at first glance, but by following the following steps, it will become easy for any business owner to create yur own website  

create your own website

 Define the goals

Regardless of the type of website you want to create, defining your goal is the one    that shortens the way in front of you and increases the positive results you hope     for from your surfing the Internet. It also helps you to form your commercial identity, so  you must limit the scope of the purpose of your website, because this will affect        your design for your site    

In the beginning, grab a paper and a pen and draw a simple idea map and write the type of site you plan to create in the middle of the map, start collecting words and phrases, and identify the elements and designs that your site should include,  and among these elements

Photo Gallery
Links to facilitate the process of social communication
Online store
Chat feature
Members area

 Searching for competitors

When creating your own website, it is necessary to understand the nature of your target audience and search for competitors by understanding the content that attracts the interest of potential visitors and the data they are interested in searching for through websites by visiting the pages and seeing the type of content they provide, whether it is blogs,social forums or media

All of the above is essential to the process of developing your ideas to create valuable content and thus create an attractive website

 Discover visual options

It is essential that you have a vision of your message that you want to deliver to the audience by creating your own website, so you will need to spend time searching for the available options to see which ones fit your vision better. Then note what your competitors' websites, platforms and website database look like, through this you will have a picture of the designs models that will attract your audience

 Choosing a domain name (the excitement of creating a website)

A domain name should be unique and memorable, but that doesn't mean it has to be complicated, it represents your permanent home on the web and usually consists of the name of your website or business name followed by the org.com 

 You can get a business name for free from websit builders, but if you want to            improve the credibility of your website and appear in search results as a                   professional brand trusted by visitors and search engines, you can pay for a                 personal name that makes it easier to find you more quickly on the Internet 

 Sketch out your website

You need to develop a solid idea of the visual elements that you include in your site and then gather ideas to create your own website

This point includes the bulk of your work, so we will explain how to create your own website in easy actionable steps

Create your own sitemap

Your site map must include the file of the pages that you plan to create and how they are connected to each other in order to achieve a smooth browsing experience for your website, so you must organize your site by adding a list of sites that remain visible on all pages


For example, if you want to create a one-page website, you must add links that take visitors to the required section of your scrolling website

Include the necessary pages

Every professional website must include the following pages for a better design

A beautiful home page that serves as the face of your website, and informational that includes all the essential elements that show customers who you are? and what are you doing 

 An exhibition of your products and services that attracts the attention of customers and is the center of your site so that visitors can browse your offers through it, and it includes photography of your product with writing product descriptions in a way that attracts the attention of customers

A page that acts as a business card that includes who you are, your strengths, your values, and any information you think your visitors should know about your team and business

Your contact information includes any way users can contact you (e-mail phone numbers, social links) and preferably attached to the footer of your website

In addition to these elements, there are optional elements that should be considered

Blog: Through it, you can constantly add new and organized content to your website to prove your expertise in your field

Question and answer page-

Online reservation system-

Testimonials Page-

 Nothing attracts the interest and admiration of potential customers and customers like positive previous customer experiences, so this is a place where satisfied former customers can attach their own experience with you

Preparing an appropriate color palette

The role of colors is not limited to making your site beautiful only, but the colors must be compatible with your commercial identity so that you can influence the feelings and behaviors of customers

Example: In the field of technology, they prefer the blue color in corporate brands, because it is associated with stability and confidence, but the blue color can reflect sadness and this is called feeling blue

When choosing the colors of your website, you must consider the goals of the website, the atmosphere and the emotions you want to convey

 The more compatible your web design is with your brand, the more people will connect with your website, and the stronger the connection, the more hours they will browse your site

So we conclude that choosing the right colors has huge effects on the rate of  interest and interaction with your brand


Choose the correct font

The fonts chosen for your website play a major role in evoking emotions, so  

the chosen font must be compatible with your brand, as well as the rest of the 

    elements stick your site

types of lines

Lines with a small line attached to the ends of each letter-

A typography similar to blocks without small lines at the ends of each letter-

It is the most elegant character, as each letter is seamlessly linked from one  letter to another

No matter what you want, you must ensure that your chosen font is readable on desktop and mobile devices, and you must use the same font pairs in the same contexts all the time to maintain consistency throughout your website

Focus on your content

It is important that your site be organized through a hierarchy, i.e. placing the most important and eye-catching content above the fold so that visitors do not have to scroll because their feeling comfortable when browsing your site will make your content distinctive and attractive to them, and you can also improve your design by translating written information To videos, photos, and charts that make it more easy and simple to understand, and also choose a larger font for titles and important information so that your audience can get the most out of your content


 Search Engine Optimization 

Your pages can achieve higher search engine results by practicing SEO, so it is important when launching a new website from scratch, that you set up your site for success so that Google can find it. The higher your exposure, the more likely it is that potential customers will find your site, buy your products, book your services, or read your blog

By focusing on the goals you want from your website, you will be able to take advantage of a paid SEO tool

  Mobile compatibility

The use of the Internet from mobile phones and tablets has become the most common since 2021. Therefore, Google has created a system that determines through the search engine the ranking of the website based on mobile websites and not on the desktop, so it became necessary to use time and effort to focus on mobile design and take advantage of its features Brilliant to provide a smooth and simple user experiences

    When creating your own website, you must determine if you want full control over breakpoints, you need a platform through which you can see and design your site with the size you want for the viewport, which results in a sophisticated and responsive design, so you can use editor x to create your own  website with all of these advantages

Font Size
lines height