Top 7 tips before starting your own project

 Are you bored with functional rules? And you dream of starting your own project and get rid of your feeling that your future is in the hands of your manager. All of this is a reason for you to enter the business world. Passion alone is not enough for you to leave your job and start establishing your own project. Therefore, we will give you the most important advice that guarantees you success and avoids  the obstacles facing beginners

starting your own project

  Before starting your own project, you must have formed an idea for the project and started to develop plans for its implementation based on your study of the market needs for it, then follow the following tips before starting implementation

  Market study

  If you want to work in a field in which you do not have sufficient experience, it is preferable to work as an employee in this field first, as this will save you effort, time and money, and help you to discover the market and know the problems and obstacles facing entrepreneurs in this field, which will avoid you making mistakes in the future.


Mentally devote yourself to your project

  It is natural before starting your own project will require a lot of time from you, so you cannot be preoccupied with another job, so you must be full-time and carefully prepare your plan



Previous studies have proven that most projects may fail before they start and they cannot withstand in the world of projects, because these studies focus on huge projects and develop management methods that are not suitable for owners of small and medium capital. Therefore, you have to search and study continuously to learn how to starting your project step by step until You avoid failure. 

 Not to venture capital

New projects do not make profits from the first day, so you should not risk all your capital and keep an  amount sufficient for you to last at least a year, especially if this is your first experience


  Be patient

You must be patient and not get frustrated, because what you want may not happen from the first time, so it will require you to try several times and search for the reason for the failure of previous attempts. There are many obstacles that may cause your failure, such as poor implementation, lack of interest in the project, and mockery of those around you with your idea, but all of this you can overcome. If you   are realistic in your plan and very patient


 Attention to the marketing process

The concept of marketing includes the product journey, starting from presenting the product and presenting it to the customer to its delivery, as well as the services provided after the sale and the method of dealing with users, but the owners of small projects usually neglect the marketing process and focus on the quality of the product and its development. They do not know that good marketing for an average product leads to success, unlike bad  marketing. A good product leads to failure, so you must pay attention to ensure the success of the project


Continue to learn and gain experience and skills

You do not have to be a student of management and marketing in order to succeed in practice. Experience comes from experience in the labor market, implementation of the buying and selling process, and your development of plans through your study of the experiences of the former in the market 

Therefore, do not worry if you are not academically educated in the art of management, as not everyone who studies theoretically is able to start and succeed in his own project


In the end, if you want to get rid of the burden of the job and secure your future, you must take care of the previous tips and take them into consideration until you achieve your dreams of owning your own business.

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