8 steps on how to improve user experience on the website

 how to improve user experience on the website

When users come to your website, you want them not to leave your site too quickly and feel comfortable and everything is going well, you try to understand your audience and read their thoughts by researching their needs and wants and then testing different ideas based on the search.

user experience on the website

Improve your download speed

If your site takes less than 2 seconds to load, that's great, and if it takes more than 2 seconds, people don't have to stay on your site to see what's on your website pages, and that goes for anything you've built like a program, an app, or other things Your audience must act fast if you want them to enjoy the preferred user experience of your site or app.

Improve your menu options

Too many options will confuse your visitors and possibly make them not want to come back. Instead, lower your menu options on your homepage and use the landing pages you've created specifically for a specific audience to share with your audience online and elsewhere.

Use indicative pictures

If you want your audience to head to something, point their eyes at it with directional images like arrows and signs, or even a winding road that seems to indicate where you want them to go.

Make them go to their destination easily and conveniently without any complications, because ease of navigation is one of the most important conditions for a good user experience.

Don't forget the internal links

After each blog post or article your audience reads, you should direct them via an internal link at the bottom of the blog post, or even in the last paragraph of the post, or by placing the link in keywords or related, to go to a related topic for more information that You may help them and answer their questions.

Ease of registration on the site

Periodically review the registration process and the technology applied to see if you can make the registration process simpler, for example, you can give a free gift to your audience, and get it by just entering the email to get it, thus avoiding visitors escaping from the classic dry subscription method.

Check the ease of the payment process

Make the checkout process like you are a customer so that you can be sure it runs smoothly and easily, and you don't ask for too much senseless information, the smoother the process and putting the customer's needs before yours, the more likely your customer will complete the transaction, and you'll reduce the number of abandoned carts.

One of the most important reasons for customers to leave the shopping cart and leave the online store is the complexities of the payment process and the lack of clarity, as no one likes to spend a lot of time completing the purchase process from a particular store, while there are many competing stores that may provide him with a smooth, easy and very fast purchase process.

The fewer steps, the better

Remember that the fewer steps a viewer and potential customer have to take to get what they want, the better for you, if something can be done with a single click, this is the way to do it without adding unnecessary action or clicks, it leads to Visitors leave your store and thus increase your bounce rate.

That's why you should look for simplicity and ease in everything related to traffic within your store from browsing products to arriving at the checkout process.

Ask for feedback

If you already have an audience, set up an autoresponder to survey your customers within a few days of purchase about how they feel about your website, process, etc. Motivate them with a free coupon or product.

Negative opinions of visitors about their experience using your store are a golden opportunity for you to improve your user experience and to let your audience know about new modifications and that you are working for their convenience.

The conclusion in improve the user experience

Every successful online entrepreneur has made mistakes in their business at some point and this is not a flaw, as it is part of the learning and discovery process, and while unexpected mistakes happen, you can avoid a number of common business mistakes before they happen. Work with the advice of experts and people with rich experience in your field.

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