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Why should you invest in simple websites?

Website designs have evolved over time, especially in recent years due to the high demand of users on websites and online stores, whether to purchase products or services.

Why should you invest in simple websites

This growth coincided with the widespread and noticeable spread of social media and the increase in competition through paid advertising and various means of online marketing.

Therefore, professional designers all over the world are becoming aware of the importance of creating simple websites in the digital domain, and they are well aware of Google's relevance to simple versus complex sites.

Complex websites, with all their frills and extras, are an immediate reflection of a poor user experience, so the chance of competing on simple websites is better than complex and heavy websites.

Advantages of investing in simple websites

In this article, we will explain the immediate benefits associated with investing in simple websites, and these benefits and advantages that we will present to you can be your guide to getting a simple and SEO friendly website.

It loads faster than complex websites

The equation is simple, simple and light sites load faster than complex and heavy sites, complex sites load with animations, videos, and images much longer which may annoy visitors.

Unnecessarily large elements make it difficult for sites to open quickly, and according to a study by the Aberdeen Group, a business intelligence research firm, a one-second increase in loading time reduces page views by approximately 11%.

Google friendly

Simple websites open faster and this remains one of the main reasons why Google prefers them. If you use flash animations on your site, make sure to limit their use so that Google doesn't ignore them and prioritize sites that load faster than yours.

Mobile Compatibility

Imagine opening a complex website on your smartphone, you can actually measure the amount of time it takes to open the site. Today, mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches by a huge margin, so you should invest in simple websites so you can compete and stay in the market.

educate yourself

Please ensure that you actually thoroughly educate yourself about the nuances of web design and learn more about SEO and mobile friendly websites, as there is no dearth of resources to help you.

Complex websites may be suitable for large businesses, but let us tell you that web development is more about smart work, consider the flash animation example mentioned above, is there any need to use elaborate designs when Google doesn't recognize them?

Therefore, when thinking of creating a website for your business, you should know the specifications that Google prefers and give you the priority to lead and appear based on them.

Also, you should not lose sight of the audience's behavior and think the way your audience thinks. Who wants to wait a long time for the site to load?

After making sure that you take all the factors mentioned above and act accordingly, we guarantee that you will have a better competitive opportunity in the market.

 Why should you invest in simple websites?

Belal Adlouni