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What do we focus on when designing an e-commerce website?

designing an e-commerce website

There is no doubt that designing an e-commerce website is one of the most successful and popular emerging projects, and if you are planning to build an e-commerce site, you must have a clear plan first of all to do it.

designing an e-commerce website

This plan begins with your goals for building the site, and who you target with these products. What are the needs of the target group? Will they only get the products from the site, or can they get the information as well? These are some important things that you should review before you start.

Newsletter Subscription

According to statistics, email marketing is still active and will remain so in the coming years, that is why it is important to build an email list of potential buyers.

Add a subscription form in places that users usually search for like blogs, new products, news blocks, and sales categories.

If you often post new content, consider launching different newsletters: one for people who want to be the first to receive information about your deals, one about new arrivals, and one with useful and interesting content.

clean pages

In reality, no one wants to buy from a dirty store or an untidy store, and this also applies when it comes to an online store.

So when designing an e-commerce website you should not stuff your category pages and subsections with useless elements, just add the elements that provide value, as each page should be considered as part of the whole.

Testimonials or recommendations

Testimonials play a vital role in an e-commerce site and are often found on product pages, however when it comes to reviews on your online store, they can be placed as a slider or on the sidebar, while it is a good idea to have a specific testimonials page.

Therefore, when designing an e-commerce website, try to allocate a clear place for customer testimonials and recommendations about your products or services. These recommendations give a kind of confidence and security to new customers.

Product Diversity

When designing an e-commerce website try to make it easy for customers to choose from different product variants, this can best be done with a graphic presentation rather than words.

For this reason, some features are marked with color and others with symbols and numbers illustrating product sizes and dimensions.


When designing an e-commerce website make sure to direct users to the order page, once they reach it don't let them leave, delete other links, and don't try to sell other products in the same place, because, with fewer distractions in the checkout page, there is a better chance for customers to make the buying process.

add to cart

The golden rule in e-commerce usability is: that the add to cart button means a call to action, so it should be the most prominent among all the blocks and items, and it should be more visible than the social media buttons.


One of the most important user experience tips mentioned by professionals in designing an e-commerce website is the means through which customers contact you.

Of course, many of your customers want to call you with questions, and preferably online stores have a number for free calls.

You should at least include your email address and phone number, as well as give an option to send a letter by filling out a special contact form.

In your online store, you can also provide a live chat option, which is another valuable addition that allows visitors to communicate instantly with the manager.

Every pixel matters

When creating a new display page or making improvements to an existing online store, always ask yourself why one block or the other should look exactly the same or why it is more valuable than other variables, and most of all, how much it contributes to the success of your business and the satisfaction of your customers.

When you want to design an e-commerce website, you need a team of skilled and experienced developers, in order to get a professional and attractive online store through which you can expand and gain new customers, you can now contact Level Up’s professional team for help and advice.

 What do we focus on when designing an e-commerce website?

Belal Adlouni