When do you need to custom website redesign

custom website redesign

If you are running a website and believe it is a good way to maximize your profits, make sure it is up to date and aligned with customers' expectations and needs, by periodically assessing the website's performance.

There are various aspects of web development that we can rely on in rebuilding and updating the website, such as new trends in design, SEO tools, online marketing tools, etc.

custom website redesign

So, what is the best way to keep your website in line with the latest improvements in the online world?

Watch for signs that your website needs a custom website redesign.

These are the signs you should take readings from:

Significant decrease in the number of visits per day

Gradually declining visitors to your site despite targeting with specific keywords and SEO techniques is a signal that your website needs to be refreshed and rebuilt.

If it's on a single page or for a certain period of time, some minor changes in keyword targeting might fix the issue, but if you notice a downward trend for more than 6 months, reach out to the developer or programmer to brainstorm ideas to get a more recent view of development.

Reports that your site is incompatible with mobile phones

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, to the extent that we use mobile phones daily to use the Internet and benefit from electronic services.

Desktops, PCs, and laptops are obviously being replaced, so if you find that your audience can't access your site properly on mobile phones, start rebuilding and updating your website, and after configuring your site for mobile, you might see double the number of visitors.

The website is still using flash animation

If your website still uses a Flash banner, it's time to consider replacing it, because Flash animations that were once an essential web design tool are now out of date.

With the ever-evolving web technologies, it is now possible to create a flashy banner, mobile text, and all these intuitive things using only HTML.

The website lacks important elements such as a blog

Your website is an important resource for your business to get all the traction and attention from your target markets. So, if your site does not have a blog or news section where customers can actively participate and get information, you need to create a blog right away.

Likewise, CTA (call to action) buttons are a portal to customers and give you more sales, so if your website is devoid of them, consider placing them during the custom website redesign.

Increased bounce rate due to slow loading

Your website not only suffers from lower traffic but also higher bounce rates, and when traffic analytics detect people leaving your site within 4-5 seconds, it is definitely because your site is showing up very slowly. So, one of the main reasons why you should custom website redesign is loading speed.

Remember that your website is the main gateway for your customers to get your services, so no matter how efficient and well-designed it is, you need to read the tags and look for strategies to rebuild and update your site.

Remember, a visitor doesn't like to see the same thing over and over with the same routine, so you always need to stir up some new items to give it an attractive look.

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