Types of E-Commerce Business and Earn Money Online

What are the types of e-commerce? What are the easiest ways to earn money online?

Questions that top search engines on a daily basis after the amazing boom of e-commerce in recent times, where we find a huge sector of individuals, merchants, and business owners flock to search and learn about the basic types of e-commerce at work and earn money online.

types of ecommerce business

It is expected that this prosperity and growth will not stop there, as we find that the eMarketer website mentions to us in one of its reports, the increase in the rate of retail e-commerce sales to 28%, with an estimated 4 trillion dollars globally, due to the many advantages and benefits that result from online commerce Like increasing profit opportunities and earning much money.

We have prepared this article for all those looking for types of e-commerce and types of websites to make it easier for them to choose the right one to start working and commerce online, thus making money online.

What are the types of eCommerce and examples of them?

E-commerce is the completion of online business transactions of buying, selling, paying, and transferring money over the Internet.

The journey of e-commerce began with one of its famous types, which is closely related to reality, which is the B2C, i.e. from a business to an ordinary consumer, Business to Customer, where business owners offer services and products to customers on the Internet instead of displaying them through markets and shops.

But with the passage of time, online commerce was not limited to its B2C type only, but rather developed tremendously and remarkably, and the rest of its different types flourished.

The most prominent of which is C2C, C2B, and B2B trade, and the following are the rest of the most prominent types of e-commerce:

B2B Trading

Business to Business This is the business of this form of e-commerce, where business transactions take place between two parties who are already in business.

That is, it is intended as a company that provides services and products to another company that needs to purchase this type of service or product to use and benefit from it. This is in short the concept of B2B commerce, and it is one of the best types of e-commerce according to the use of the Internet in 2022.

Case in point: companies that sell office furniture to companies, companies that provide security and guard personnel to companies.

B2C Trading

Business to Customer is the classic relationship in business activity in which the business was started from the ground up.

The process of selling or trading here is between two parties, the first party being the company or brand that provides a product or service to individuals.

And as it was one of the most famous types of electronic business, it is one of the most popular types of e-commerce today, through the process of selling products or services through an online store or any electronic means of sale via the Internet.

For example Amazon Store, Souq.com, and Colourbeauty.

C2B Trading

Customer to Business is a business that is done in contrast to the previous type of business, i.e. from the consumer to the business owner.

This type of electronic commerce is not very popular for business owners, but it has become a step towards spread and success now, especially after the success of the concept of online commerce.

One of the most famous examples of C2B commerce is the agreement of a social media celebrity with a company or business to offer and market their products and services to their followers.

C2C Trading

The idea of ​​customer-to-customer commerce is new and different to consumers and business owners as well, but it has started to spread recently with the increase in the number of internet users.

It is a commercial relationship between a consumer and another consumer, but how is this?

With the spread of the culture of e-commerce and online selling and the spread of a large segment of consumers who love to shop online, there was an opportunity for a group of these consumers to enter to find their opportunity to earn from commission sales to other consumers.

Where, by agreeing through sites dedicated to selling on commission, it is possible to buy and sell some products and services for a commission that you specify only.

One of the most famous examples of these sites is eBay.

B2G Trading

Business to Government This type of e-commerce depends on an agreement between two parties, one the government and the other a company or brand.

Where it is possible for commercial companies to allocate their business and services only to government interests and institutions and not to individuals or other commercial companies, or there may be one type of agreement for governments and another type for individuals.

An example of this is the government's agreement with an online store creation platform to create a website for government ministries.

G2B Trading

Business transactions in this type of commerce are between Government Business organizations.

This is done through online payment companies and sites, as when an individual or organization makes online payments to government institutions, these payment companies make a percentage of the money, and so the G2B trade takes place.

One of the most popular forms of this trade are companies that provide a private payment gateway for government transactions and fees such as taxes.

And after we talked about the different e-commerce classifications and sections, let us explain to you the e-commerce classifications more clearly and simply on the ground so that you have the ability to be familiar with everything related to e-commerce and its types.

What are the types of websites to start your business with?

Here are the most prominent types of online stores that allow you to start profitable e-commerce by creating an online store to sell products or services:

earn money online

Websites to sell products

This traditional type of website is a business owner's offering of a product or service for sale via the online store to the customer directly without the involvement of any intermediary.

This type represents a large percentage of the percentage of commercial stores that exist online in 2022. They include clothing, homeware, gifts, cosmetics, and makeup stores.

Of course, one of the most famous examples of this type of electronic store is the Amazon store.

Amazon is the largest global online store, and it includes a wide range of different products (household items, groceries, and electronics).

Websites to sell services

One of the forms of e-commerce development today is the spread of sites selling services over the Internet, such as psychological or legal counseling sites.

In addition to the sites that provide professional services, where you as a business owner, for example, can subscribe to one of these sites and search for a programmer to develop your online store.

Example of a website for selling services: Shopify paltform, which is a platform that provides a service for designing e-store platforms for all merchants and individuals interested in setting up their own online business.

Websites to sell digital products

Digital products include e-books, online courses, software, digital images, and graphics.

One of the most famous examples of websites selling digital products is Shutterstock, which offers graphics and photos for sale. There is no person around the world who did not need to buy any of these pictures, either for his work or for his studies.

Udemy is also one of the famous digital websites that offer online training courses in various fields.

Wholesale websites

Wholesale stores are the stores that provide a large number of products at special prices like what is happening in the real world so that retailers buy these products and display them in their own stores. That is, it plays the role of merchant suppliers as it was before the emergence of the rest of the various types of e-commerce.

There is another aspect of this type of store today, which is that it is part of the dropshipping trade system, which means that it plays the role of the dropshipping site that allows you to sell and profit as a third party by displaying products or services on an online store without going into any commercial and administrative details.

In addition, you will earn your own profit or commission when any of the shoppers purchase the product from your store.

Example of a wholesale website: Ali Express

Conclusion and suggestions

  • In this article, we covered the types of e-commerce and what types of e-stores have been designed a lot lately.
  • The diversity of forms of e-commerce has helped us to recognize that e-commerce is a large world that is not limited to matters of buying and selling only, as it is a trade that leaves an impact on the movement of financial transactions around the world, and significantly affects the behavior of consumers as well.
  • It also creates new job opportunities for different segments that are larger than they are businessmen or business owners, and it is now the right of any individual to start his own business online with the simplest possibilities and at the lowest cost without the need for a billion dollars, for example, to start a project.

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