how to drive traffic to your shopify store

 best way to get traffic to shopify store

how to drive traffic to your shopify store

All successful and distinguished online stores always have a common feature, which is the source and type of visits they received, as the traffic received by any website on the Internet plays a key role in the strength of the site and is issued by Google search results.

We all aspire to be number one in Google search results, but that ambition cannot be achieved without a great deal of effort in bringing traffic to our business.

Thus, when you build a Shopify store, your primary concern above all else is how you are going to attract potential customers to your site and make purchases.

In this article, we will discuss some ideas and practices about how to drive traffic to your shopify store through which we can build an audience that wants and needs your services or products.

Traffic rating and visitor quality rating

Traffic is not the only important criterion in an online business, while it is important it is really just an indicator that helps you understand your audience and an opportunity to define your customer categories.

For example, people who have bought before and want to buy again will be more valuable to the business than curious shoppers who have not yet decided what they want.

Thus, when considering content marketing writers to drive traffic, you have to value the value and quality of the people who want what you offer them and prioritize attraction over other visitors.

Having big numbers in traffic is great, but if those numbers don't lead to actual business growth, you are wasting time and effort.

Focus on building a brand

  • Currently, the most effective and productive way to attract excellent traffic is by owning a popular social media page like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, these pages give you a great opportunity to reach a potential audience.
  • Some Pages may have 100,000 subscribers and followers, but if you don't have a deep connection with these people, they won't trust you enough to take an action like make a purchase or request a service.
  • When considering setting up a store, one of the best practices for attracting potential customers is to have your store super stylish enough to get followers hooked.
  • Using a unique name for your store is very important, instead of being a "business selling company", use your own name, such as: "BeboSmart For Business Services".
  • Don't forget to focus on the main reason people prefer your store over others, by focusing on solving problems, not just marketing the name of the product.
  • Do not rush to achieve sales, as before that you must provide useful information and valuable advice in the field of specialization of your business, in order to give value to your store and a reason to gain the trust of customers by providing and providing high-quality service to them.

Most people want solutions before products

The biggest mistake small business owners and start-ups can make is to focus on the product before focusing on the solutions.

Although the product is important, it is a small part of the overall offer, people need to buy solutions before anything else.

For example, people don't care where services or products come from, or even where you store them, they just care about how those products can solve their problems, meet their needs, and benefit them.

for example:

Instead of:  health cream for face. the better: Get rid of pimples and dark circles with organic and safe cream.

The process of gaining customer trust and loyalty takes time and requires a great deal of experience, and it is important to understand that if people like what you offer, they will take the action that you want.

Embrace people's desires and interact with them warmly

Curiosity is human nature, and people enjoy strange and curious things and are willing to pay money to satisfy these needs.

Thus, if you aspire to get warm traffic, then embrace the desires of people, the more you embrace their desires, the more they open up to you and the more they trust you.

best way to get traffic to shopify store

Don't be afraid to test and experiment

Do not be afraid to experiment and take tests, life is all experiments, and this of course applies to the world of projects.

Everything has value, but there are things that have a higher value than others, and that's the competition, and even if you build a bad store in your opinion, someone will want to buy from them.

People's biggest enemies are themselves, especially those who are reluctant to take risk, take risks, and test new ideas that will make progress. They stick to what they know and refuse to try new ideas and practices.

Conclusion in how to drive traffic to your shopify store

focus and enjoy the journey of creating your store, and continue to develop the core value that you will provide to your audience, this is what allows you to attract buyers who value your value and what your brand represents, these people are the most valuable traffic.

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