SMS Marketing In Australia: Start deepen your customer relationships

SMS Marketing Australia Time To Start Texting Your Customers

SMS Marketing Australia: Time To Start Texting Your Customers

People aren't just using SMS in their special lives. They’re also using it to contact their favorite brands, which is why many companies across the world have started to multiple down on SMS as a channel to build relationships with their audience.

It's fact: that 68% of businesses used SMS messaging in some form in 2020. Globally, it's predicted that companies will outlay about $67 billion AUD on SMS marketing by 2025.

Why are eCommerce brands investing so heavily in SMS? Because it's efficacious.

The average click-through rate (CTR) for promotional text messages is 36 percent, which is eight times higher than the average CTR for email, which is 4.5 percent.

Because receiving a text message is such a personal experience, people are more likely to opt into communications from brands they enjoy and are actively involved with.

Only 43% of Australian customers are already texting with brands. This means there's a lot of space for improvement and a chance for you to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Want to get the jump on text message marketing and implement it before your competitors? continue reading to learn:

  • How SMS marketing can help grow your Business?
  • How to create a text message marketing strategy that’ll echo with your Australian audience?
  • How much does SMS marketing cost in Australia?
  • Key Australian commitment regulations for text message marketing

SMS marketing can help deepen your client's relationships

Whether you’ve just launched your online shop or your business is already a household name and you’re looking to test out a new way to contact your audience, you can use SMS to help build relationships with your most engaged clients.

Thanks to how speed and often people around the world check their mobile, texting is a trustworthy way to share important updates, time-sensitive offers, Notices about limited inventory, and new products.

If you’re in the business of replenishable products, like food, beverages, and consumer packaged goods (CPGs), messages that are highly worthy to your repeat customers and already drive sales via email marketing will be doubly effective when you send them via text because of the channel’s personal, informal, and accessible nature.

How to build a text strategy for your universal audience

The way you will stand out in your texts will depend on your business, your goals, and your customers. But without a doubt, you can use SMS to sequel your email marketing tactics and create unique experiences for your customers.

Here are some ways you can use texts to communicate with your clients:

  • New product promotions: Allow your consumers to be the first to know about new products.
  • Exclusive sales: To ensure that your consumers don't miss out on fantastic prices on their most-watched or wishlist items, text them your Black Friday and Cyber Monday promos or inventory clearance sales.
  • Back-in-stock notifications: immediately let your customers know when their favorite product is available again.
  • Special events: Texting is a good technique to promote attendance if you're holding a webinar or attending a trade fair in person. You can even utilize location-based segmentation to identify folks who are available in your time zone.
  • Post-purchase follow-ups: To keep customers informed, send text messages with shipping or purchase updates. Using SMS to engage clients throughout the buying process might actually encourage them to make more purchases, increasing their lifetime value (CLV).
  • VIP/loyalty program: Let your high-value customers know they've been upgraded to VIP status with a text message. You can also utilize this channel to provide them with special offers or limited-time products.

What SMS Marketing compliance looks like in Australia

Compliance is substantial, so having a way to help ensure you’re following data privacy regulations is critical.

According to the Spam Act 20032 and the Spam Regulations 20213, which govern the sending of SMS marketing in Australia, you can only send texts to customers who’ve given you their consent.

You also have to visibly identify yourself as the sender and provide your clients with an option to unsubscribe.

SMS marketing is not only legal in Australia, but it also allows you greater control over your consumers' experiences, allowing you to move from compliant to compelling marketing.

How much does text message marketing cost in Australia?

The cost of SMS marketing is usually determined by the number of people who have joined your mailing list and the number of messages you wish to deliver.

Text messages may be more expensive per message than an email. But SMS lists can generate greater ROIs than email because they consist of the most engaged subscribers - the average ROI for SMS marketing is 25x.

Furthermore, because of the more personal character of SMS, your SMS list is likely to be smaller than your email list.

You'll only be charged for the messages and contacts your company requires. Only clients who opt in to receive text messages are included in your plan, thus the amount you pay is determined by how many texts you send to these subscribers.

Text message marketing is still substantially less expensive (and has a greater ROI) than sponsored channels like Facebook or Google, where a 5X ROI is frequently achieved.

Furthermore, due to changes in data privacy, targeting on third-party channels is becoming increasingly limited, indicating that if there was ever a time to invest in channels that you directly own, it is now.

Start texting your Clients in Australia

Your clients are prepared to receive SMS messages from you. You may improve your messaging and create unique experiences for your subscribers by mixing SMS with your email marketing program.